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Operation Antarctica Defense

Trasporto di animali vivi: l’inferno degli agnelli sui camion dall’Est Europa all’Italia

Blair – Forsaken

Crudeltà Genetica

Dentro il Quirinale – Progetto Happiness


L’impatto ambientale degli allevamenti intensivi


Ocean Viking – Rotation 14.2

Ocean Viking – Rotation 14

Maiale Cremona

Cruelty in a slaughterhouse in Cremona – Animal Equality

Ocean Viking – Rotation 12

La Grande Menzogna – Animal Equality & La7

Sea Shepherd Operation Milagro VII

Ocean Viking – Rotation 9

Sea Shepherd Operation Dolphin Bycatch

Heaven Shall Burn – My Heart And The Ocean

Short Fuse – Opportunism

Cantina del Gojo 10th Birthday

Sea Shepherd – Operation Gambian Coastal Defense

Tuscia Hardcore Fest 7

Scimmiasaki – Merda

Sea Shepherd – Operation SISO 2019

The Devil’s Playground @ Rome

To Kill

Scimmiasaki – Trionfo


Sea Shepherd – Operation Sola Stella 3

Frontoni – Festa del Papà – Luigi Di Capua

The Devil’s Playground

Pizzeria Frontoni – Trailer

Short Fuse w\ Show of Force, Pressa, Fuoco & Not Sober At All

Frontoni – Claudio Colica

Short Fuse – Sink or Swim – Album Cover & Booklet

Cantina del Gojo – Teaser

Soundstripe – Ad

Short Fuse – Sink or Swim

Sea Shepherd Operation SISO

Sea Shepherd – Operation Albacore 3

Tempest w/ Short Fuse

Short Fuse


Nothing But Thieves w/ The Xcerts & Airways

Into the Dolomites

Sea Shepherd – Jairo Med – Ardea

Tuscia Hardcore Fest 5

Sea Shepherd “Operation Siracusa”

Tri-Fold Brochure “Battiti”

Sea Shepherd – Brigitte Bardot – Argentario

The Chasing Monster w/ Forecast & Bright End

Sea Shepherd – RBS Six Nations – Stadio Olimpico

Benefit Concert (BSA)

Outta Peak – Anything

65daysofstatic w/ Thought Forms

Roam – Photoshoot

ROAM w/ Like Pacific & Columbus


WSTR w/ Milestones UK & Fierce Morgan

Dead Harts w/ Sworn to Oath, Carbine & Far From Home

The Chasing Monster – Photo Shoot

Punkreas w/ Voina Hen

I Killed The Prom Queen w/ The Browning, Empires Fade, Feed Her To The Sharks & To Kill Achilles

Deez Nuts w/ TRC & Grove Street Families

Napoleon w/ Create To Inspire & When Our Time Comes

Trash Boat w/ WSTR & Weatherstate

A Japanese Journey

Colle Der Fomento

In Archives w/ Arizona, Valliers & Snakes UK

Being As An Ocean w/ Confessions of a Traitor

20 Cent Dreams w/ Greyhaven, Making Monsters, Double A & Lightcliffe

Cane Hill

Courage My Love w/ Halflives

Aliases w/ The Colour Line & Subversion UK

Maleducazione Alcolica – Je Suis Un Homme

Outta Peak – First Of All My Passion

While She Sleeps & Coldrain

Maleducazione Alcolica w/ LaFuria!

Outta Peak – Rest In Pieces [R.I.P.]

Outta Peak – Dear Christy

The Rifles

Football Rocks – Charity Football Tournament

My Screaming Manifesto – Can You Hear Me?

Plakkaggio – Cantina Del Gojo

Le Ferite + Profondo Settembre – La Linea (Reloaded)

Japan 2014