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I went to the Dolomites for five days with my friend Giorgia.
We spent these days exploring the mountains and the lakes around us, we explored places such as Braies, Passo Giau, Misurina, Cortina, etc. The temperatures were between -10°C and 5°C.
We usually woke up two hours before the dawn to arrive and set all the stuff we needed for shooting and we stayed, at least, until sunset.
It was such a great experience and I have to say thanks to Giorgia that made all of this possible.
She’s an amazing person aka amazing globetrotter and she has a very cool blog (
I also have to say thanks to my friend Federico that helped me out with the audio.
If you haven’t seen yet, take a look at my previous video “A Japanese Journey”. (

Everything is shot on the Nikon D750 at 60fps. I used two lenses: Nikon 24/70 2.8 and Nikon 50 1.4.

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