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About Me

Flaview is an Italian photographer and filmmaker available for hire worldwide.

He finished a movie academy in Rome in 2014 and shortly after moved to the UK starting to work with numerous festival organisers, agencies, and bands.

In 2017 he joined the ocean conservation organisation Sea Shepherd, participating as a media and crew member aboard the ships in twelve campaigns around the world, including Antarctica.

In June 2020 he started working with the humanitarian organization SOS Mediterranée, taking part in several rescue operations. He currently holds the position of Audio Visual Officer for the organization.

The images and videos produced have been published on the front cover and homepages of countless newspapers and websites, including: The New York Times, Al Jazeera, Corriere Della Sera, The Guardian, La Repubblica, Il Manifesto, France 24, Ansa, Sky, La Stampa, Rai 1, La 7, The Independent, El Pais, etc.

He also collaborates on a regular basis with the Animal Rights organisation Animal Equality.

You can contact him using the form on the right.

I am forever more than just surviving.

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