These photos were taken in occasion of the non-profit event sponsored by BRIGATE SOLIDARIETA’ ATTIVA (BSA).
The BSA guys are a mutual aid group best known for the help provided to the Abruzzo people following the 2009 earthquake.
An anti-fascist and anti-capitalistic organisation, BSA’s aim is to fight political injustices and share uncomfortable truths to shake the pillars of a corrupted society.
BSA is entirely composed and funded by volunteers, and this is why all proceeds from the concert will go to charity aimed projects.
Now they’re currently helping the people in central Italy after the terrible earthquake of last August (2016) and the heavy snowing of early 2017.
The bands were: Il Muro del Canto, Bestierare, Maleducazione Alcolica, Dalton, Razzapparte, Azione Diretta, Lafuria! & Skamikaze.
If you wanna know more and donate follow this link.