“A Japanese Journey is sublime.

It’s the mighty power of delicacy, the immense described through the elusive. A succession of images accompanied by a perfect soundtrack that captures and carries you into uncharted emotional territories.
Flavio has managed to convey the different facets of a country and its culture: the dichotomy between the frenzy of modern life and the timid peace offered by the breath-taking landscapes of Japan. But that’s not the only thing: there is nostalgia, there is wonder, there is ecstasy. There is commotion.
It almost seems the viewer can experience first-hand what the eyes observe, as the music gently envelops the soul and returns the enthusiasm that a child would feel discovering a brand new land.
When talent is put at the disposal of Emotions the result can only be this: a poem that unfolds its power gradually, like a slow emotional avalanche that groows in intensity.
In the arid desert of superficiality that surrounds us this video is a necessary and cleansing rainfall of sensations.”