The Ocean Viking took course from Marseille to central Mediterranean on Monday, 22th of June. After four operations, two on Thursday, 25th of June and two on Tuesday, 30th of June, 181 survivors were brought to safety on board the Ocean Viking. One man had be evacuated for medical reasons.

Until now, 180 survivors are still waiting for the assignment of a place of safety. On Friday, 3rd of July, situation on board deterioriated quickly. The mental distress caused by their ordeal in Libya and the current situation is unbearable for many.

After seven requests for a Place of Safety to the relevant maritime authorities within the past week and six suicide attempts by survivors within 24 hours, the Ocean Viking has declared a State of Emergency over the vessel after the situation on board deteriorated to the point that the safety of the 180 survivors and the crew on board can no longer be guaranteed.

On Saturday, the 4th of July, an italian medical team visited for an assessment of the situation on board. After speaking to survivors they left and SOS MEDITERRANEE is urgently awaiting instructions for the disembarkation of the 180 survivors from the competent maritime authorities.

Sunday at midday Italien authorities conducted Covid-19-tests on board. Despite reports on the transfer of the survivors, Ocean Viking did not receive any official instructions.

Sunday around 5pm – relief on the Ocean Viking as the ship has finally received instructions to proceed to Porto Empedocle, Sicily. 

Monday Ocean Viking remained anchored outside of Porto Empedocle – with no new information regarding the disembarkation of the 180 given since 07:00 am. Only after a full day of standing by, disembarkation of the 180 survivors started around midnight.

The rescued people were walked to passenger ferry Moby Zazà to reportedly start a quarantine. Media report all survivors’ COVID-19 tests were negative.

The Ocean Viking was nevertheless informed a 14-day quarantine was asked for the crew.

The ship is currently detained in Porto Empedocle.