My mum gave me the Kodak Retina II C before I went to the United Kingdom, this camera it belonged to my grandpa, a person that unfortunately I have never met. I could develop just one film before the camera decided to commit suicide.

So here it is few snaps:


Albertino with his girlfiend lying on Federico’s back garden during a break from the rehearsal.

Federico & Giorgia

Federico is a friend indeed. I probably spent more time with him instead of my mom in the last six or seven years. That day it was a national holiday in Italy and I went to his house to spend the day with my friends. At a certain point he was hugging his girlfriend and I was waiting with the camera trying to shot the best moment. When Giorgia started to laugh I took the picture and this is the result. Federico really enjoyed the photo, probably because represents something true.


Should be a place near Aylesbury. I was hanging out with my friends of the factory.


Watermead Lake in Aylesbury.

Somewhere in UK

Somewhere in UK with Riccardo and his lovely cousin.

Watermead Lake

My Shoes at Watermead in Aylesbury.

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